The Good Scoop is an organic ice cream shop located in Davis, California, serving delicious, organic ice cream through our partnership with Tara’s Organic Ice Cream (T.O.I.C.) in Berkeley, California.
The ice cream is handcrafted in small batches and made with only the purest organic ingredients. Tara does not add any emulsifiers or stabilizers to her ice cream. She creates surprising and irresistible flavors by working with local farms for the dairy, seasonal fruits, fresh herbs and spices.
T.O.I.C. is about honoring the flavor and adds just enough organic cane sugar to make the ice cream so it is not overly sweet. Instead, she focuses on the honest flavor of the ingredients. The T.O.I.C. Sorbets are mainly sweetened with Organic Light Raw Agave. The sorbets do not have any stabilizers or emulsifiers either.
T.O.I.C. currently makes 176 different gourmet, certified organic ice cream flavors. The unique flavors are an experience unlike any other!